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Vanquishing Dissonance and Bahá'í Cherry Pickers

Do you ever wonder why some people call themselves adherents to a particular religion, but pick-and-choose what laws they follow? Do you ever think, Why don't they just make up and follow their own religion instead of giving lip service to the religion they selectively follow? Well, there might just be good reasons.Collapse )

For these reasons, I think that a Bahá’í who wants to pick-and-choose should instead consider surrendering his membership and severing his affiliation with the religion. He will not only free himself of a lingering cognitive dissonance, but he will be happier for freeing his mind to think for himself and taking responsibility for his own imperatives. In this state, he can adopt for himself what he finds worthy of assent from the blissful writings of Bahá’u'lláh (or anyone else who he finds inspirational) while refraining from committing himself to doctrines of whose truth he cannot convince himself. And finally, he will be able to be true to the words of 'Abdu'l-Bahá:

In short, it behoves us all to be lovers of truth. Let us seek her in every season and in every country, being careful never to attach ourselves to personalities. Let us see the light wherever it shines, and may we be enabled to recognize the light of truth no matter where it may arise. Let us inhale the perfume of the rose from the midst of thorns which surround it; let us drink the running water from every pure spring.